The lower back part of the body is a very choosen zone for a tattoo. It is a very cool place and more and more people choose to make in this zone a tattoo. Lower back tattoos are the most common tattoos among the woman and girls, but some men have chosen to have a tattoo on the lower back.

Maybe you ask yourself what is the most common tattoos for lower back and why?

The most common tattoos for lower back are the butterflies tattoos, flower tattoos, tribal tattoos,star tattoos or wings tattoos. The butterflies tattoos are the symbol of freedom, beauty or they represent a smart person. The flower tattoos are also a very common type of tattoo on all the part of the body. The most used flowers in tattoos are roses , lotus or other species of colored flowers. Flower tattoos are the symbol of love, tenderness, innocence and beauty.

As i said before , another very used tattoo models for lower back are the tribal tattoos. They are very easy to draw, they exist in a large variety of models, and they usually are the symbol of hope.

The stars tattoos for the lower back are the symbol of ambition, of science and beauty. Most of people choose a star tattoo when they start a new life and have to reach new objectives.

The wings tattooed on the lower back are the symbol of freedom, peace, flight or escape.

In conclusion, the lower back tattoos are very cool and a lot of teen girls or women want or have one. If you want a lower back tattoo, you can take a look in the below gallery with lower back tattoos.

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